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Final Installation: Perception in Transitional Place

Perception in Transitional Place from Greg White on Vimeo.

To be presented beside the installed work:

This installation is a transient work concerned primarily with transitional place and the perception of sound and space. The intention is that the sounds presented will enter into the consciousness of passers-by, taking them out of the thoughts and behaviours that usually consume us when walking between destinations, and cause them to question what they are hearing. They may wonder what the sound is, where it is coming from – or they may miss it entirely. My aim is that by insinuating this sound into transitional places people will begin to consciously focus on how they perceive space sonically, and consequently draw their attention to the environment they are moving through. 

A key aspect of this particular work is that it is a transient installation, moving between places much like the people it aims to affect. It has been installed here outside the UEA School of Music, but inside is video documentation of the work in other transitional locations.

The sound used in the installation was made by combining recordings of a singing bowl. The decision to use a singing bowl to call attention to perception was a very deliberate one, not just because of its sonic qualities, but perhaps more importantly because of its symbolism in the Eastern world; singing bowls often signify a  “passage of time or signal a change in activity,”1 with some believing that the sound of singing bowls “tunes one in to the universal sound within and without.”2 As such I feel it is a fitting sound to call for a change in perceptual state, to focus on sound.

Unknown, Singing Bowl, (accessed 19 November 2013).

2 Unknown, About Tibetan Singing Bowls, (accessed 19 November 2013).


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