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Performance with New Technology: Electronic Drumsticks


After a bit of trouble with dirty soldering irons I and burnt fingers I managed to solder the two softpots and force sensitive resistors to an Arduino proto shield, connected to my Uno. I’ve stuck the sensors to a pair of drumsticks, one drumstick controlling the X position in the interpolation space (built using the nodes Max object), and the other controlling the Y position. Initially I planned for the force sensitive resistors to act as buttons controlling the record function and switching of buffers, but after testing I switched their function to gate the X/Y values. This means that I can’t accidentally change the values when playing with the sticks. 

I also built a small wooden box with a utensil hook stuck to the back in to mount my Arduino to the drum. 


After playing around with the sticks for a while it became clear that mapping the softpot sensors to the entire range of XY values was not a good idea, since it didn’t allow fine enough control. Consequently it has been changed to a up/down system, meaning that if the top half of the softpot is pressed, the X or Y value increases (and vice versa). This means the movement around the interpolation space is a lot smoother. I may end up trying to implement a system where the speed of movement increases depending on how far from the middle you press, in the same vein as analog sticks on video game controllers. 


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