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Performance with New Technology: Nodes, nodes, nodes

Click for short video clip.

I’ve been working on the software side of things since moving my sensors onto the drum. First of all, I’ve added a node in the top right corner that controls volume, allowing me to fade down the volume coming from a variety of different positions in the space (and therefore from a variety of different processes/sounds).

Second of all I added another buffer and granulator, with its own instance of nodes. This allows me to combine multiple sounds at once, and means I can avoid silences or gaps in my performance if necessary. However, I have been struggling with pattrstorage which I’m using to store the presets I interpolate between, so haven’t yet managed to get the second nodes instance working properly.

What makes the second buffer unique is that it is ‘constructed’ by input from the microphone; the buffer’s volume is controlled by incoming signal. This creates a more reactive and interactive instrument, giving me more reason to keep playing the drum once I have recorded sounds and granulated them. I created a switch in order to select which buffer I want to record into/control with the sensors, linked to a force sensitive resistor stuck to the side of the drum.

Finally, I also added a timer so I can keep track of the length of my performance.

Through working on the performance aspect of my project, I keep coming across more technical challenges/possibilities such as these. Hopefully I can really solidify the technological side of things soon, so I can focus on exploring what sounds I can make!


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