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Concepts for National Theatre Connections Festival

Here are two concepts for my upcoming work with the National Theatre, both taking inspiration from the brutalist architecture of the National Theatre and surrounding south bank area of London. I will be providing visuals during their Connections Festival along with two other great VJ’s, Ryan and Mary.

The first concept is based on Bob’s Ganz-Graf M4L device to create audioreactive visuals. This is further manipulated with other VIZZable devices. I created four presets and morph between them using the J74 Morph devices – in this example the morphing is being controlled by an LFO, but I will control it live during the performance.

The second concept takes live video input from a webcam and downsamples it. By playing with light (covering the camera with sticky notes, casting shadows, etc) I can affect the visuals on screen. The video is manipulated using VIZZable M4L devices.

Thanks to Bob for the VIZZable Max-for-Live devices, which you can download for free here:

Thanks to Fabrizio for the Morph Max-for-Live devices, which you can download for $8 here:

Music: Moon by Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto.


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