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Particles & Motion Tests

I’ve been playing about with a few sketches for the Particles & Motion project. So far, rather than particles I’ve only been using a set of pink lines, and moving their points around in different ways. Already I’m finding some pretty interesting visual effects with moiré and other emerging patterns. Take a look:

(The code for these examples, as well as a few other sketches, can be found here on my GitHub).

In this sketch, the top point of each line is fixed but the bottom point scans from right to left, returning to the right side when it reaches the lefthand side of the screen. Controlling the speed of this scanning motion leads to some interesting strobing effects.

This sketch reminded me of slime dripping down a wall. I created a set of lines of differing lengths, that travel down the screen at slightly different speeds. Then when the bottom point of the line goes past a certain area of the screen, the top point of the line starts moving downwards also. I want to develop this sketch a bit further by adding some noise to the x position of the points, to give a wobbling motion similar to raindrops falling down a window.

Pink laser triangle

Still from the scanning lines sketch, demonstrating moiré.


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