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Particles & Motion

Taking some influence from my previous project for the Programming for Artists module (AudioVisual Sandbox), I would like to continue exploring particles and motion.

However this time, my intended aim is to develop these concepts and produce an image or series of pattern-based images (could also include static images/prints).

I do not have a specific pattern or idea in mind – rather I want to work through The Nature of Code (Shiffman) and Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists (Raes & Fry), and see what I can come out with.

Therefore, my main worry is that my project will not contain enough of my own code or original algorithms.


Here are some examples of work that I feel exhibit the kind of thing I’m going for / serve as inspiration:

– Nicolas Sassoon and other patterns on his website

– Oscillating grids

– Particle galaxy

– Particle snowglobe

– Animated tunnel

– Wolfram’s CA patterns in this paper

– mrtvi delaunay

– Scribble dot

– Honeycomb

– Foam brush & ink on paper


Possible concepts to explore:

– Emergence

– Moire / artifacts


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